Criminal Defense



The James Law Firm has extensive experience in Criminal law. Whether you are charged with a DUI or a homicide, the James Law Firm has experience with litigating nearly every type of crime on the books in the State of Kansas. Having an attorney who thoroughly knows the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code is essential to safeguarding your rights in Court.

Small Business



The James Law Firm is also well versed in the practical legal necessities you may incur as a small business owner. We understand that your time is your livelihood and want to solve your legal problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to earn your business as a repeat customer when legal needs arise. 

Estate Planning



Make Plans now to provide for your loved ones. The James Law Firm can assist you in preparing a will, trust, living will, Health Care Power of Attorney, or any other planning documents that will help you to provide for your family. 

Civil Litigation


The James Law Firm can provide assistance in a variety of disputes that may arise. The James Law Firm has experience in Real Estate Disputes, Injury, Accident, and government claims. Disputes can often, but not always,  be negotiated or solved utilizing alternative dispute resolution strategies that may help you stay out of the courtroom and keep your costs down. 



Let the James Law firm assist you in preparing real estate documents including sale, deeds, title insurance documents. While a realtor can assist in many functions of a real estate transaction, often a problem may arise that requires legal expertise to solve. 

Employment Law


The James Law Firm is prepared to assist both employers and employees with legal advice and representation in employment disputes. The James Law firm has experience in appealing unemployment claims, defending or pursuing sexual harassment claims, review of employment contracts, or determinations of termination claims.